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Wednesday, May 31

Uncalled For

i don't know what to think of people who so pathetically use the yahoogroups for their own agenda. well, maybe i'll just think of them as that - pathetic. someone from our UAP chapter posted this on his what i thought was a regular update post:

[thank you] to my partner, Sheila, whom I have to beg to facilitate the parlor games because the person who was assigned to it, without any word, mysteriously did not show up last Sunday despite repeated calls to her cellphone which went unanswered.

as you might have guessed, i am "the person who mysteriously did not show up". lately i have learned the art of keeping things to myself and refusing to explain things which will stir curiosity and skepticism. so as to why i didn't show up, i think i don't need to give a reason or excuse. in the past meetings i missed, i noticed that whatever reason i give, they always think it's an excuse. i could have died and they still would not believe it. and so when the supposed activity which i missed was over, i didn't offer any explanation and that probably prompted him to post that statement in our yahoogroups. ok ok, the deed is justified... but still uncalled for.

things are going through my head right now, like "why didn't he ask me instead?" or "why does he have to spread my delinquency so to speak?" was he expecting that someone from the members know of my whereabouts that day? common sense would say that if you, of all people, haven't heard from me, then most especially people who don't give a shit would probably know less... or even nothing. i say, what he did was just utterly offensive and no less improper. and i might have done something of the same effect to him, but then he had already extracted revenge by posting that statement. what he owes me now is this widespread humiliation i undeservingly get from my colleagues (most of whom were not even present during the activity i supposedly upset him). i hope it made him happy, because it surely cost him our friendship, a friendship i never thought could be this mababaw.

i also noticed how carefully he chose the words in his statement. probably he doesn't want to make it as derogatory or libelous as his mind could have put it. oh, easy now on those evil thoughts, elaine. you don't want any retaliation, do you? let me just give you my own version of what could be a more flinty statement:

[much love and gullibility] to my partner, Sheila, whom I had to slave around to cook up some lame parlor games because the bitch who was the appointed slave of the day, without any word, surprisingly revolted against my dictatorship last Sunday despite my repeated yet unsuccessful death threats because her cellphone went unanswered.

hahahaha! ang saya saya, 'no?!

capt. backfire at 2:16 PM

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