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Friday, May 19

Reality Shows and Fictitious Code

with the word "code", i'm pertaining to the much talked about movie The Davinci Code. i watched it yesterday. i skipped my summer interview work just to watch it. actually, i skipped it for two days because i thought x-men 2 will be shown last wednesday here in davao. but no x2 was shown, so i just lazed around the afternoon with my sister. we went window shopping for things we can't buy. hehehe ok, i'm digressing from my topic... anyway, the code, as we all know, can't be shown in SM because of its R-18 rating. so we had to go to NCCC mall which is at the other side of the neighborhood, far in a land where PUVs will never route to our subdivision, and where movies are 50% more expensive to watch. i was horrified to see some familiar arki faces as loud greetings of "uy, hello MA'AM!!!" can be heard all over the place. sheesh! will somebody turn off the damn lights! the movie was ok. the flashback inserts were shown at the right time. sophie showed good driving skills just like it was described in the book. i've always found tom hanks' voice very disturbing ever since i watched forrest gump. i like seeing the actor of x-men's magneto in the movie. naisip kong parang x-men na rin pinapanood ko because of his face. hehehe the movie didn't budge my faith at all. it was presented like it was just a movie, nothing more. the movie actually has the same effect as the movie national treasure - real setting, fictitious events and characters. another note, great display of architecture! bravo, bravo!

bj and tyler won AR9! yahoo! they're my favorite from the start. during the course of the race, everytime they finished last and got stripped off their belongings, i would feel sad and wished they weren't that fun and happy so it would be easier to let go if ever they get eliminated. but they never got eliminated (obviously, because they won the race)! it all went down to their harvard and UC brains! amazing! japanese-speaking hippies rule!

here are other reality tv disappointments: gerard santos winning pinoy pop superstar. duh! the kid doesn't even know how to speak english! puro OPM lang kinakanta. terry not being in the final two. i guess it was the curse of the car. as what jeff explained last season, those who get the car don't win the million bucks. and lastly, taylor in AI's final two. grr! i want to pluck all his gray hair and make him as bald as chris. oh, behave!

capt. backfire at 11:50 AM

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