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Wednesday, May 31

R.I.P. (Rest In Posting)

parang na-drain ako sa last entry ko. ayoko kase talaga ng bad thoughts, lalo na sa mga kapanahunang ito. dapat good vibes lang parati. i want to give this blog a time out. and when i say time out, it's going to be like ice-age hibernation. so before i wrap this baby up, here's a list of what's happening:

... for the first time, i voted for a PBB housemate through text. yes, i did say my bet is matt, but i just feel for mikee. sya ang huwarang kabataan, hindi yung mga kumikerengkeng at nanlilibak na final four. i say, atenistas unite! iboto ang deserving. yun lang. hehehe

... have been a vegetarian for over a week now. ang hirap pala ng ginagawa ni farinah (my moslem barkada). hindi mahirap na iwasan ang karne. ang mahirap na part ay yung maghanap ng kakainan at kakainin sa mall. fastfoods are not so friendly to vegetarians. my sister is actually giving me two weeks. after that she predicts i'm going to cave in big time. will power na ito. i can do this.

... we're donating a part of our family's library collection to public school libraries. wala na kaseng gumagamit sa mga books sa bahay. baka ubusin lang ng mga termites, masasayang lang yun. marami-raming valedictorians din dinaanan yung mga encyclopedia namen. we're hoping it continues to produce more.

... my sister is graduating in college. after 3 3/4 years in UP and 2 years in CSUN, she's getting her degree in political science. everyone in the family hopes she'll proceed to taking law. pero may condition sya, sa UP or Harvard Law School lang daw sya mag-aaral. either way, super expensive. she's considered a foreign student kase if ever sa UP sya mag-aaral, and with harvard... er, well, it's harvard.

... ate lala left UP mindanao as well. nakanang! sabay pa kame! i hope there won't be any issue regarding that. we have our own different reasons for leaving, pero we unanimously considered the long distance of the campus from our home as one of the disadvantages of working there. we promised to make this as the best decision we ever made.

... X-men THREE na pala ang x-men. hehehe ang kulet ko pa two posts ago. pa-x2-x2 pa ako, eh x3 na pala. hehehe i so love hugh jackman! he unleashed the phoenix in me, promise! hehehe sana ako na lang si jean grey. i was also waiting for gambit, he's my favorite x-men character eh. eto major spoiler sa mga nagbabasa... namatay si dr. xavier, si cyclops, at jean grey. wala ng powers si mystique, rogue, at magneto. bwahahaha... hayaan nyo na ako. magha-hibernate naman na ako eh. hehehe

... i'm itching to share something, but it can wait... until my transformation is complete. nuuuy, ano'ng klaseng "transformation" yan? magpapa-lipo ka ba, elaine? noselift? bustlift? hehehe isa lang masasabi ko, the transformation that i'm talking about is suuuuuppppperrrr expensive! mapu-purita zobel ako for awhile, but i know it's worth it.

so until the melt-down. see yah!

capt. backfire at 3:51 PM

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