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Tuesday, April 25

PBB Teen: What a Disappointment Ever

eto na naman ako sa rantings ko about the show na forever ko tinutuligsa (o di ba, tinutuligsa! kumusta naman 'yon?!) pero forever ko pa rin pinapanood. kakasimula lang ulit ng PBB after a two-week break. this time, teen edition naman. kelan kaya magkakaroon ng architect edition or teacher edition? kung magkaroon man, hindi rin ako sasali. hello 'no, baka pilitin pa lang ako ni mr. dyogi na maglabas ng baho ng pamilya o galit ko kung kani-kanino. parang yung isang teenager na taga-BelAir (i think her name is ninna), sabi nya nalugi daw pamilya niya sa negosyo and then that made her see the reality of life daw. duh! and this other teenager na parati raw nananalo sa beauty pageants, but babbles about how her family members tell her she's panget. duh again! basta, all of them are walking contradictions... not to mention oozing with that cheerleader attitude. sheesh! at kumusta naman ang tagline na "teleserye ng totoong buhay"? i mean, for the love of christ, why are they all good-looking? sa totoong buhay, may mga panget 'noh! isa lang answer dyan, either there's a promise of a showbiz career after the season or gusto ni big brother ng romance. most probably the latter. this early, i can already sense the flirting, the testosterone and edorphine build up, a post-season pregnancy waiting to happen... or maybe it's just me. ah basta, isa lang ikina-ganda ng teen edition, that is itchyworms singing the theme song. ang flop kaya nung themesong ni tony at sam during the celebrity edition. hype lang kase yang si sam milby, akala nila he can pull off a themesong better than a band. duh for the third time! speaking of tony, alam nyo naman kung gaano ako ka-anti-mariel ever since the first season. akalain mo ba namang ibigay ang primetime sa kanya! think about it: she's super slow when it comes to hirit and spiels. she doesn't ask the right questions during interviews. she has a fake laugh. and tony dresses better than her. haaaay, bad move ABS.

again, hindi ko alam bakit pinapanood ko pa ang hinayupak na program na yan. sigh, such mystery.

PS - bet ko si Matt. ahihihihi

capt. backfire at 5:14 PM

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