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Friday, March 17

Rockstar 101

i'm out of my freaking mind. i think it all started when i learned that i flunk LAE (end of discussion). i cut my hair short that same weekend (my waist-length hair!). i checked papers til i could check no more (that is when there is no more ink left in my red ballpen). i cleaned my emails of bad memories. and i guess the universe connived because everything in my palmtop disappeared too (all the addresses and games!). yes, that was the "shedding" thing i was talking about in my previous post.

i eventually came back to reality (or some would say fantasy) knowing i want to be a rockstar. i told friends and family, but most of them just laughed it off. they said it's just one of my i-don't-know-my-purpose-in-life bouts. they further enumerated that last year i wanted to be a writer, a lawyer sometime last november, an artist last december, and a dead person last month. it's just part of a crazy streak of ambitions... or is it?

think about it, guys. i mean, it can't be that hard. sheryl crow was a teacher before she became one. you see the semblance now? hehehe (to be continued...)

capt. backfire at 1:22 PM

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