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Saturday, February 4

'Zup? (with continuation)

my blog stalker did it again. but this time, i really don't care if he/she completely sabotages my blog. i'll just make another blog if his/her pestering continues. you can't get in my nerves, asshole! hehehe

last night, i found myself bawling over a pile of thesis books i need to check. i read and check (and sometimes write curses) on these books every freaking day of my life! i have 31 students for my thesis class who happen to have one common denominator - a book with incorrect grammar in it. i'm not an english teacher and therefore i cannot claim i know or write perfect english, but i know when microsoft word displays green and red lines under the words, it means something's wrong with my syntax or spelling. so, why can't these kids trust the freaking program?! ipagpilitan daw ba ang "will tackles" at "will be focus"? i know atenistas to be good or at least conversant with the language, but i'm definitely seeing a different crowd here. anyway, i'm not generalizing, maybe i'm just not lucky this year with my students.

i'm finally seeing clearer skies. medyo alam ko na kung ano'ng gagawin ko in the next few months. it will still depend on that freaking (don't i love the word "freaking"?) LAE. i have this paranoia that my students hate my guts and teaching methods, but i got a different feedback when i shared i'd probably quit teaching next sem. one said, "...just one more year, ma'am. hintayin mo muna kameng gumradweyt." that made me think big time. is it time? am i really really ready? i know there's no right timing or enough readiness, only strong decisions and convictions. walang mataas na bakod sa taong gustong magnakaw.

to continue... i got my family's late christmas present last week. i got the most fabulous bag, darlin' (said in a colin cowie voice)! as in everything fits in. also, i accidentally (because it's supposed to be for my sister) got a pair of shoes, which actually makes my feet look like chinese lotus feet. they also sent a box of pot of gold chocolates. oh gosh, heavenly and sinful!! it's the best hershey's product ever. haaaay, i love balikbayan boxes. hehehe

moving on.... it's been a week since i wrote the entries at the top. i just want to share a bit of newsflash. may arki board topnotchers na ang ateneo de davao!!! yehey! being a teacher from this very young arki school, it truly made me proud to know that two of our students got in top 10. grabe, second batch pa lang yan ng graduates namen. paano pa kaya kung tumagal-tagal pa kame. hehehe i would like to share that one of our graduates who borrowed my reviewers also passed the exam. he's the 4th person to borrow my reviewers and passed the exam on first take. these are the people who borrowed my reviewers (in order): mike reyes of TIP (bestfriend during JPT review), lex luague - thesismate (pero sandali lang nya hiniram), andrei tan of UST (cutey son of a co-teacher in ateneo), and EJ - my student in ateneo. i don't know if sharing this info will lessen the "powers" of my reviewers (baka ma-usog), but it just feels magical, don't you think? hehehe

malapit na ang balemtayms day (na naman). as usual, i'm on boycott. valentines has nothing to do with our culture (hallmark is an american company) or religion (st. valentine is just an urban legend... parang st. nick at mga kapre lang yan). hype, hype, hype - that's all there is to it. i'm the scrooge of valentines. hahahaha

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