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Tuesday, February 14


yes, i'm such a sucker for valentines. i know, i know. i did say i'm the scrooge of valentines a post or two ago. but last night, ate lala gave an early valentine present - a hershey's chocolate bar. i finished it in a sitting. hehehe i thought that was so sweet of her even if sometimes (no, actually most of the time) i can be such a pain in her ass. her gesture prompted me to buy hershey's kisses this morning. i gave them to my students and co-teachers in UP. i even put post-its on it with funny messages like "the secret to my figure", "best before february 14, 2006", "something heavenly, yet sinful", "a super late christmas present." i'm also giving something to my sister later tonight and i wrote something like "to the best "ate" of 61 sapphire st." hehehe eh sya lang naman ang ate sa bahay eh. i hope she won't read my blog today. this can be such a spoiler.

if you've been follwoing this blog, you would know i'm very single (as if there is such a status as "not very single" or "a little single"). i am not complaining (not one bit!) about my current status. i am even celebrating my single-blessedness. my stand was further validated by what candy pangilinan said last sunday in "Y Speak." she said "you can't give what you don't have." and indeed, i feel i don't love myself that much. come to think of it, women, who are conscious of their body, who dress up and make up, who try to achieve something for themselves, usually end up with partners or are the pursuable type. i am not that type. maybe eventually, but not for now. who knows? maybe i can still find "the one" (or the other way around) without much effort. he might like the comfortable me and be attracted however way i package myself.

when you are me, you don't need a partner in days like today. all you need is your ate lala to love you and the whole world to love. happy hearts' day everyone!

capt. backfire at 12:24 PM

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