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Monday, December 19

Eprot Blog, I Like

i'm a blog stalker. those auto-send messages friendster sends me are truly sulit. i click on every link and very often i find empty blogs. lately, my friends have been diligent in filling their blogs with updates, song lyrics, and what have you. i think it has something to do with the coming vacation. y'know, with vacation, friends will have more time to read your blogs... or in my case, to stalk blogs.

naiintriga ako sa blog ni Jeff. The lovesick dod (Davaoeno term for "dude" according to Cass) is head over heels inlababu with his sister's bestfriend. Grabe! it's the best blog-novela i've ever read. been following the story for a couple of months now. read the whole thing from start to the latest post in 30 minutes only. now, don't get too excited to click the link, baka ma-disappoint ka lang.

let me tell you something about jeff... or at least how i perceive the guy. i think he's very smart, judging by how he writes and how he narrates his everyday activities. very verbose and articulate. i think he's filthy rich. i mean, who could go to other countries or afford his own bachelor's pad? he's also a bit mayabang. but hey, who's not mayabang in their blogs, anyway? to make the long description short, he's every bit a boyfriend material. but he thinks otherwise... well, at least, for just one girl - Marga.

like any lovefool, he agonizes over the perpetual dilemma of human affection - that is loving someone you can't have. he claims he's not a loser and he'll probably deny he's eprot (if he even knows the word). but the mere existence of his blog makes me think he's one. latest developments, however, show that he might win this battle. well if he does, i'll probably stop reading his entries... not because i don't like them for each other, but because i don't like happy endings. anyhow, i'm personally delighted by the comments of his avid blog fans. yes, this guy has a following. he posts amusing one-liners from them, as if showing gratitude for the instant stardom he's now getting. oh yes, he is a star.

don't get me wrong. i like the blog, the story. not the guy. if i'm some diaz-abaya, i'll make this one the pinoy version of dawson's creek. speaking of dawson's creek, i remember this one episode when they were watching "Age of Innocence" inside dawson's room. the conversation went something like this...

Joey: I wonder what sick part of me thrives on movies with these kinds of love stories.

Dawson: The ones that end unhappily?

Joey: No. The kinds that never really end. I mean, think about it. To continue loving somebody even though there's no chance of that love ever thriving... that's romance.

Dawson: That is tragedy.

Joey: Not all love stories have a built in happy ending, Dawson.

Dawson: But why revel in the ones that don't?

Joey: I'm sorry...sad stories are just more powerful... I prefer them. too, Joey. me too.

capt. backfire at 5:02 PM

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