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Wednesday, November 2

Makikiuso din ba ako?

i know a lot of people (most of whom are friends) who are in a "transition" right now. some quit their jobs. others flew to other countries to work/study. and then some started their own families. and there are still others who got stuck in "thinking of going through a transition that never seem to transpire"... and i'm talking about myself here. to those who actually made their first step towards changing their lives, kudos.

i guess mid-20's is the new 40's. they say life begins at 40. that sort of "coming of life" (not only of age, but of life!) seem to be bugging us in such an early age. i, myself, feel that if i should be "great" in this lifetime, i feel i'm falling behind schedule. if i want to be the best mom, i should get married now. if i want to be the best teacher, i should get masters and phd right away. if i want to be the richest person in the world, i should enter politics next elections. joke. joke. hehehe kidding aside, i think my next step will define what i will become for the rest of my life. sinabi rin nila ito after college graduation, but only a few people took it seriously... and unfortunately,i was not one of those few people.

favorite pastime ko ngayon ang manghinayang. yeah, i know, regret is such an empty emotion. but like dreaming, it's free. and it's an effective defense mechanism for "moving on" or should i say "transiting". feeling ko ako na ang pinaka-duwag na tao sa buong mundo. i can't even go for something i really really want. even if my life depends on it, i'll probably die not doing it. sigh.

capt. backfire at 4:15 PM

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