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Friday, October 28

The Smile on my Face

i have all the right reasons to smile right now...

1 - i finished computing the grades of my students. sem is officially over.
2 - i just received a postcard from london (guess who it's from?).
3 - i will watch Hale later.
4 - i'm waiting for my sister (here in netopia-ateneo) so we can have dinner in some fancy resto, something we haven't done in a long time.
5 - i finished doing christmas shopping. in fact, i already sent all my x-mas gifts to family members abroad.
6 - my team won in the UAP NCA extra challenge in gen san. 3rd place lang sa race, pero we won "best column design", which made our winnings equal to the race grand winner's prize. hehehe
7 - i met corina in NCA. and she now teaches arki. astig no?
8 - 4 non-working holidays coming up. hurray!!!
9 - another plan B brewing in my head. hoping and praying for the best.
10 - i can now blog... and read other blogs.

capt. backfire at 6:10 PM

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