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Friday, October 14

Oktoberfest na!

i finally got enough interest to write something. a lot of things happened, not only to me, but to my friends as well. fong is now in bloody UK. lex went to china. alan made another blog. ruth has a new job. des is in occupational hybernation. and a couple of girlfriends got pregnant (my lips are zipped!).

anyway, anyway... what's new? i'm now "instructor 2" in ateneo. my first promotion ever. as for the monetary reward, let's just say my salary increase still cannot cover the increase in my transportation expenses (per month). a promotion is still a promotion. it just shows i'm not a frozen delight. hehehe

i was extremely busy... still am actually. but at least i have some things to look forward to... octoberfest this weekend, NCA-14 on the 20th, a Hale concert on the 28th, and another grueling second semester. yes, after two years, i'm still a teacher. i've been yacking time and again about how demanding my job is, but it's a job i really like. i guess i like demands. pressures make me feel alive. yeah, bring it on, you sonofa*****es!

for the past 50-something days, my life revolved around two things -- checking papers and pinoy big brother. yes, the ever-jologs side of elaine is unleashed. but i'm not that die-hard of a fan. i don't participate in cellphone load-draining activities. i just like to be amused by jason and franzen, that's all. and of course, there's mariel, who, for the love of christ, already has a gameshow of her own... in primetime pa talaga!. iba na talaga ang showbiz.... the more eng-eng you are, the more exposure you have. such observation also goes out to all politicians who are already "mainstay" in news programs. may talent fee kaya yung mga yun, tulad ng mga artista?

i think i'll save some of my rantings for the next entry. babooooshk!

capt. backfire at 12:43 PM

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