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Saturday, July 16

Peke si Peque

like Fongi, i watched the movie pinoy blonde. the ads and commercials, convincing. the effort, appreciated. good actors, over-flowing. script, sucked. technique, copied. in fact, the whole presentation reminded me of kill bill. infusion of cartoons. foreign subtitles. shadow play. foul language. even the stunts, very kill bill-ish. just to prove myself correct, i borrowed kill bill and kill bill 2 VCDs right after watching the movie. and my theory was validated. see it for yourself. now i ask, "Peque, are you a disciple of Tarantino or what?" try again, direk!

i say the script sucked because of its insensitivity. throughout the movie, boy-2 and epi scrutinized the techniques of brocka and bernal (probably the two most sensitive directors in the philippines) and derided the behavior of present filipino moviegoers. paulit-ulit na lang daw ang plots. yeah, yeah... i've heard that from gerard lico over and over again. my contention is if they really know the precise ingredients and right mix of what ticks the senses of these movie buffs, how come it's not in their movie? trying to make a statement? well, i don't think it came across... not a bit! proof? i was the only person in the theatre when i watched the movie. para ngang private showing eh. you can't sell a film like that because it's not commercial. commercial is the present culture. the film is a parody of the filipino moviegoers' culture. therefore, it's insensitive to the very people it tries to attract.

and so probably most of you might say i'm the mababaw one [to even see the film in this light]. but how come a movie presented in the same technique (like kill bill) was not as flop as this one? yes, it's a flop. more than the filipino's not being ready for films like pinoy blonde, i guess it's the writers who are not ready to embrace thicker plots. half-baked or fake, pinoy blonde (the title) says it all.

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