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Tuesday, July 12

Pakapalan na Lang

ewan! i was ngarag ever this morning. maybe because i stayed oh-so late last night watching correspondents and reporter's notebook. i think i just had three hours of sleep before dragging myself to the bathroom. huy gising! the cold water was just not enough. palibhasa my Tuesday-Thursday life has been a routine for more than a month now that i don't even have to think how to reach the jeep stop at the kanto. 'got on a jeep. it drove away. still in a state of trance, i reached inside my bag to get my wallet... lo and behold, no wallet!!! ah, baka naman may barya ako sa mga bulsa-bulsa... oh no! none!! ok, freak-out mode na. stop.

ok, ayoko na ituloy ang kwento. nakakahiya ang mga sumunod na pangyayari... naalala ko yung kwento ni kai noong college na nanlimos sya sa bangketa para mabayaran nya yung tricycle na sinakyan nya. no, hindi ganon ang ginawa ko... a lot worse!

the jeep was starting to get spacious as i was getting closer to ateneo. nobody's flagging the jeep. shucks, mahahalata ng driver na hindi pa ako nagbabayad. ok, here's my stop and i'm getting off... now na! miss, bayad nyo? did the driver say something? or was that my alter-ego thinking out loud?

boss chief, naiwan ko po wallet ko. wala po akong pambayad. hindi po kita niloloko. teacher po ako ng ateneo at sa likod ng indonesian consulate po ako nakatira. araw-araw po ako sumasakay ng SM-Ecoland jeep. kung ok lang po sa inyo, pagkatapos ng classes ko, hahanapin ko kayo sa may terminal at ibibigay ko po bayad ko. kung pipilitin nyo pong ngayon ko kayo bayaran, male-late ako sa klase ko at baka hindi ko na lang kayo bayaran dahil maiinis po ako sa inyo. so ano po ba?

yes, we're tagalog-speaking people in davao. and that piece was delivered in a super pa-awa voice, but the latter part was more of the wala-kang-choice tone. so, did the driver buy it? well, he didn't. that was only me practicing... y'know, just in case. hehehe. what really happened was i tried to jump off the jeep without saying "para". parang yung mga nakasabit lang, tapos bigla na lang baba, tapos goodluck na lang kung mag-landing ka sa paa mo. yup, that's what i did. i told you it's embarrassing.

capt. backfire at 4:16 PM

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