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Monday, July 4

From Ninna's Blog

Ninna posted these 5 "interview me" questions. pretty interesting questions i must say. reminds me of the hotseat days we had in college. hehehe

1. what do you think of BSB's comeback?
i love BSB... to the bones! they look a bit old. their music a bit different. but hey, they're still the same guys who made hits... and will be making more hits, for sure!

2. how do you lure a gay guy into having a relationship with you?
sex change! hahaha joke! seriously, hindi yata kaya ng powers ko yan. mukhang hindi kase tumatalab kay Lex mga "damubs" ko. Hahaha! siguro if we're around 35 years old na and still unattached, i'll bribe him with my egg cells and a lifetime of companionship. charing! pero mukhang ayaw nya ng genes ko eh. hahaha!

3. what, for you, is the best invention?
wrist watch or clock. i'm a time freak.

4. which is better - teaching or studying?
studying or being a student. when you teach kase you also have to study... then teach it to your students, then think of exam and quiz questions, then check papers, then think of reasonable grade for your students, then study some more... haaay, kapoy!

5. if you were to be mute for the rest of your life starting now, what would be your last spoken word?
hirap naman nito... as in word lang?... siguro, i'll call my mom and say "thanks".

capt. backfire at 2:04 PM

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