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Friday, July 8

Civil War

i can't believe i live in this country. i can't believe that people who claim they serve the best interest of fellow filipinos could not do such without power. what i can believe though is that we brought ourselves in this state of "political confusion". as much as i want to shut my stupid mouth up about this pressing national issue, i can't. i just can't.

i will not beat around the bush. i want a civil war. actually the thought just came to me after a co-teacher pointed out how it will destroy and help the philippines. ninoy said (and so did the 500-peso bill), "the filipinos are worth dying for." let's take our cue from there. if war is the only excuse for me to kill these traditional politicians, by all means i'll wage it. yes, it will damage much of what we have built over the years, including heritage thingamajigs and valued architecture. but we only have so few of those, so it's really not much of a problem. in fact, after the war is over, architects will be so in demand that even poor people will need one. no, actually, there will be no poor people after the war. much like how slavery was eradicated during the american civil war. and besides, everything and everywhere in the philippines is filled with corruption. even the very oxygen we breathe has corruption molecules [if there is such]. it's about time we fumigate ourselves, don't you think?

don't worry about your possessions. it will all be equitably returned to us. unless you're greedy, this process will appease you. i say civil war is the true test of knowing who really thinks of the nation's best interest and who just wants to grab power.

after the war, we can start anew. planning is now a known science and therefore should be practiced before we allow ourselves to commit the same mistakes again. i guess the only permanently damaged construct after the war is culture. our culture will never be the same again. but that's also fine. our culture brought us where we are now. and where we are now is a lot worse than a post-war scenario. in a post-war scenario, there is hope of rebuilding. at our present state, it's hard to even think of hope.

so guys, will you join me?

capt. backfire at 4:31 PM

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