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Tuesday, July 26

Chopseuy Chika and Other Diliman Stories
(in no particular order)

last week, we did "bridge-stressing" for my structural design topic studio. it was fun. i felt dytoc-like. of course, i took some pics of their bridges. compared to the output of students from diliman, theirs (UP mindanao students) were a bit conservative. our next activity will be egg-dropping. hehehe... i'm giving them a piece of the diliman experience.


UAP induction ceremonies last saturday reunited me with someone from high school (not in a romantic way though). i thought his name sounds familiar. you see, i went to a very small high school. there were only 3 sections per year level. 30-40 students per section. and everybody knows each other. and so we're both there, at the registration table...

i said,"di ba taga-women's ka? and he answered,"oo, ano nga name mo? ha! i told you i'm easy to forget. well, i don't really consider myself popular back in high school. that probably explains his question.

then i asked,"saan ka pala nag-arki? he replied, "UM. ikaw saan? uuuyyy! keeping the conversation alive. hehehe actually, parang naghahamon pa yung tone ng voice nya when he asked that. i answered, "sa UP diliman."

then out of the blue, his architect-mentor butted-in, "actually, Neo is one of the best students we had in UM" o di ba, to the rescue and lolo mo!!! ok, fine!

yes, his name is Neo... sabi ko di ba, sounds familiar. hehehe!


a friend of mine asked, "what will make you come [back] to manila?" i mentioned a lot of impossible things like UP in UAAP finals, a scholarship grant for an MA, a date with anton or richie ticzon (yeah, as if!), etc. but there's one that i thought was pretty exciting to anticipate -- an eraserheads reunion concert! yeah, that will make me go to manila and buy front row tickets for sure. i was (and still am) a big e-heads fan. to tell you the truth, i wanted to study in UP because of them. too bad, when i entered college, they were already busy touring the states. and when they came back, they broke up. splinter bands of the former e-head members can never out-do their orig band. and no matter how many "UP bands" enter (and exit) the music scene, all they can do is walk down the same path e-heads trailed for them and (god-forbid) revive its old hit songs. for me, e-heads is the bestest [sic] band in the history of philippine music. better than apo hiking society or side A or south border or parokya or rivermaya. definitely worth any trip to manila.


ok, so UP lost. sanay naman tayo sa talo eh. hehehe joke lang! the last two opponents of UP were pretty rough. parang larong kanto. i can imagine bruises and whatnot on the maroons after each game. no foul was given without that extra nudge or slap [disguised as "defense"]. we gave our share of hard fouls, but not as barubal as they did. in the last game, nobody actually stepped up. defense was tight, as evidenced by the low game scores. but shooting was extremely poor. my gosh, mag-enroll nga sila sa Milo Best! well, i'm looking forward to the next game. i hope things will get better. and with "things", i mean the shooting.

capt. backfire at 11:02 AM

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