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Monday, June 27

Last Week

biggest news: Pistons lost. yeah, yeah. so what? i gotta hand it to the spurs. their bench was deep. awesome 3-point fieldgoal percentage. basically, they were pretty cool the whole final series. sinwerte din sila nung 7th game... billups was not in his element. that's 3 championships in the last 5 years for spurs. let's see what happens next season. go pistons! hehehe

we were invited to attend another "retreat" by my catholic university employer. yes, every year we are REQUIRED to attend a 3-day retreat, i dunno, for reflection, cleansing of soul, meditation, chuvanelles(?). no classes. free food. paid chismis time. plus i get to see the good-looking teachers in the campus. hehehe well, most of them are married though.

i watched batman begins. not as fancy as starwars, but great job for a movie with only a few cgi effects. the new batman didn't have the square-jawed face like that of val kilmer or george clooney, but he's still hot nonetheless. i like the story. it explained why gotham city [in the next few years] became infested with criminals. i mean, i was thinking back then, "how come all the bad guys are in gotham?" after the movie, i began to think, "did the philippine mental hospital break loose too?"... 'cause we also have a piece of gotham here, don't you think?

i attended a product presentation of a solar heater and piping system last monday. i would like to keep the product name secret [if you don't mind]. the technical manager was asked, "does the product (pipe) come in different colors [for identification of uses]?" he said earlier in his presentation that the piping system can be used for hot, cold, and even gas. but the only color shown was grey. i'm not really sure if he answered it right, but he said something like "it's the only color produced as a byproduct of polybutylene and that grey is a color of purity (?!?)" NGEK! move over chico! looks like someone has a different theory of colors. hahaha!

i just received the good news. we have a salary adjustment. yehey! i hope it's a four-digit change in my payslip. asa pa, di ba?!

capt. backfire at 10:22 AM

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