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Monday, May 23

Burnt and Broke

for the first time in a long long time, i'm broke.... as in Purita Zobel (para sa hindi maka-gets... poor-ita zobel)!!! half of our 13th month pay just went in [and out of my wallet] last week. i don't know ha, hindi naman ako gastador, pero it seems i paid an awful lot of bills and loans (not mine!) this month. my financial situation at the moment really bothers me because i feel i'll be in this state for a very looong time starting june. i'll be spending around P18,000 for tuition (that's highway robbery compared to UP's tuition, don't you think?) and God-knows-how-much for books this coming semester. on top of that money-drain, i'll be a working full-time student, which means i won't have time to make "raket". no third job, no projects. to add to this series of unfortunate events, the registrar told me i need to finish 15 units of English subjects before summer 2006!!! how in hell will i do that?!

...ding, ang puting bato... bilis! DARNA!!! yeah, they probably think i'm some kind of a superhero. i know, i know. this is what i get for "seizing the day." again, self-inflicted suffering.... hey, i'm inadvertently becoming a Buddhist!! hahaha but seriously, this is insane... and i like it!

capt. backfire at 3:25 PM

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