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Thursday, April 7

The Very Taxing BIR Filing

%#*@!!! leche! punyeta!

i can curse my heart out. i deserve to curse. i will curse and no one can stop me. if you own a business, a dead business at that, you surely know the relevance [or irrelevance] of the date april 15. lucky for taxpayers who are registered as employees, they will never experience what i've been experiencing for the past two years.

i am a registered professional taxpayer. meaning, i can sign drawings legally and i pay taxes for signing such. i have a registered business address which, as you might have guessed, is also where i live. i have a business name which, as boring as it sounds, happens to be my name. i did all the taxing, not to mention confusing, application to make myself a real pro.

i thought once the application is done, it'll all be a breeze. but no! i'm perpetually haunted by tax deadlines... quarterly filing, annual ITR filing, annual registration fees, record book updates, invoice and receipt balancing... shit! when will these all end?! kaya nga hindi ako nag-business course, tapos dito rin pala ako babagsak!!!

anyway, that's only half of my kalbaryo. this year, BIR is running after delinquent professionals. i'm assuming you've seen [on TV] doctors and beauty surgeons being summoned by BIR investigators. and unfortunately, i've not been filing my quarterly ITR for a year now. i have all the papers filled out, but i don't have the time to go to BIR. btw, going to BIR also means taking a cab (no other form of PUV's there), waiting [and standing!] in line, debating with an incompetent government employee, and having to go back the next day because "miss, 5pm na. close na po kame." darn!!!!

you may think, bat di ka na lang kumuha ng katulong? i'm no big-timer. like i mentioned at the start of this post, mine is a dead business. i only registered as pro because i am hoping to be a pro someday. that eventually, i'll have more reasons to do all these stuff. and though i rant this way, i still want to pay the right taxes. after all, it was the taxes of the people that got me through college.

i have 8 days left. hope i won't end up like those doctors on TV...

capt. backfire at 2:24 PM

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