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Friday, April 8

NATCON Aftershocks 2 (DAY 1)

the event was not only for "professional growth" i may say. it also gave opportunities for me to see old friends, not-so friends, and potential friends. let me start with my early flight...

who takes a 4:20 AM flight to manila?! me, only me... and some very diligent UAP chapter presidents like Anton from Socsargen. yikee! this is it! hmmm, not quite. actually, i thought he was a major turn-off that day. on that flight, i witnessed some of his "unprofessional" practices like flirting with the flight attendant. yuck! yuck! turn-off talaga! i later realized it was utterly stupid of me to book that flight, but i still needed to go and i just thought i'll stall myself 'til my 1 PM CODHASP* meeting.

well, who else can best stall time than Lex?! so i went to UP and spent 30 minutes chit-chatting with the chatterbox. oh, i just love his juicy chismax and entertaining kwento... 'til it was time for me to go. surprisingly, i thought Bayani's pink fences worked wonders. i made it to Heritage Hotel in an hour and a half. boysen (yes, i'm boysen-sponsored) announced that we're not allowed to check-in 'til 2pm. so, i just went straight to the meeting.

i only spoke once in the meeting. i corrected the name of the school i'm representing. i mean, hello! who names a school "ateneo de davao" only?! i think it's obvious they need to append "university" to that. so after that brief, boring, beating-around-the-bush kind of meeting, we went back to Heritage. we waited for 48 years in the lobby to get a room. and when we finally got to our room, i collapsed in exhaustion and decided to skip dinner.

i later got the urge to eat something. besides, the only food i ate that day was 2 ensaymadas during the meeting. i walked along roxas blvd. to look for a good to-go meal. i bought Kenny spaghetti and mac & cheese (ha! carbo-loading!). when i got back to the hotel, i decided to call Corina Sibayan. i heard [from a blabbermouth chapter-mate of hers] during my check-in that she's staying in the same hotel. i told her to come over to my room. we had the loooongest chickahan about her Papa Joms, my ex-Solid (ha! she finally gave up chiding me to that guy), old and new TFA, work, our non-practicing status, etc.. i missed Corina. we were like the noisiest people in the universe during college. and now, we still are! hahahaha

i retired the day with a cold bath. it was officially the most stressful day of my life.

capt. backfire at 10:37 AM

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