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Friday, March 18

Mahal na Araw

We went up Shrine Hills today. We had our Division's Planning and Evaluation meeting at Jack's Ridge, which is located somewhere up those hills [overlooking the whole city]. Ah, breathtaking! That place reminded me of the coming season.

Ever since I was a kid, every Holy Thursday, I hike from the highway up to its summit with my family. My mom used to say it's a good form of "sacrifice." But I honestly thought she's just making excuses because our car was not that "heavy-duty" to climb up its steep slopes. Sure, I complained, but the sceneries we passed by all the way up is worth all the sweat.

Today, I am again reminded of my annual panata for next week. Suprisingly, I don't think of it as my mom's excuse anymore (because she's no longer around to force me to do it). It's the least that I can do, considering I haven't been much of a Christian lately. I'm even thinking of additional sacrifices (that is if God's even counting them by the deed) like not watching TV for the whole week (and missing 7th Heaven marathons) or not eating pork the whole week. Seriously, I think it would be interesting to make mahal na araw an everyday thing. Actually, it probably is for a lot of people who are doing little sacrifices everyday. Sadly, I'm not one of them.

And so, when we went up Shrine Hills this morning, I realized it's still there pala even if it's not Holy Thursday.

I guess I have this inner urge to restrain myself, not only for religious reasons, but because I feel none of the things I am engaged in right now is challenging anymore.

capt. backfire at 5:43 PM

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