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Tuesday, February 1

Building Dreams

Last week, I texted some friends and told them that I'll be quitting my teaching job and be a professional writer. Writer for the movies ha. Mainstream, hard-core showbiz writer! I got mixed feedbacks like:

"Go for it!"


"At maging ano? Maging palamunin ulit ng nanay mo?!"

and even as funny as

"Lahat ng sikat na writers ay namatay muna sa gutom bago naging sikat. Kakayanin mong magsulat, pero hindi ang magutom. Hehehe! "

Well, thanks for being brutally honest, guys. It was just a dream scenario. It actually tops my "what if" list. I started reading Creative Writing handbooks just to know how it feels to be serious about it. Di ko kinaya. I think I am more dedicated writing architecture stuff than thinking of scenes for my characters. Ang sakit pala sa ulo. I ended up writing plots na lang, no dialogues yet. I hope I'll make progress by summer. I won't have any teaching load by then, therefore I can really focus on this.

Speaking of building dreams, I've been teaching for 1 1/2 semesters now and I'm starting to feel the pressure of taking my MArch. And I've been making plans of taking the needed exams (TOEFL, GREs, etc.) by summer. I only have one problem -- it's too damn expensive!!! I have this particular university in mind. It's somewhere in NYC. Not too flashy and known for Architecture, but I can say getting in it is far more realistic than dreaming of getting in Yale or Columbia. By the way, I totally dig Yale. Eisenman and Louis Kahn are some of its lecturers... astig, di ba?! Anyway, application fee alone costs P4,000. TOEFL is around P9,000. GRE is recommended but not required. I'll probably take GRE because my college GPA is not that outstanding. Ayan kase, nagpa-banjing-banjing pa noong college! Plus 2 original TOR copies, portfolio production, document delivery... I would probably spend P50,000 just for applying in one university. Sheesh!!!! Nararamdaman ko na pagka-dukha ko!

So if you're asking kung may iba pa ba akong dreams... siguro to get P50,000 before the application deadline is over. I-post ko kaya Paypal account ko dito. Baka sakaling may maawa... hehehe.

capt. backfire at 3:42 PM

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