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Tuesday, January 4

I'm Thinking Of...

... a nice way to start this entry.
... going to the gym and working out for real.
... emailing my mom to tell her i want to be a chef.
... the next plate i'll give my arch 8 class.
... contacting my HS classmate Boqs and giving him my script.
... not coming to my next class [which is arch 8]
... how to cook the leftover ham. 'told you i'm a chef!
... buying treasury bills.
... buying a pirated "How To Speak Fokien" CD
... eating brunch.
... stopping over at our house to watch GKNB.
... selling dad's good-for-nothing golf clubs at ebay
... anton
... inflating the tires of my bike
... joining MTV vj hunt and claiming my 15 minutes of fame
... going to spain this year
... going on hunger strike for 2 hours
... not thinking anymore

(everything listed was written in less than 5 minutes. sheesh! wasted nuerons!)

How long will I be waiting
Until the end of time
I don't know why I'm still waiting
I can't make you mine

- Addicted by Simple Plan

capt. backfire at 8:22 AM

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