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Friday, November 26

Welga, Picket, Strike, Pag-aalsa

What ever you want to call it... they succeeded in paralyzing the city... well, in Davao at least. I really didn't expect such turn out because Ateneo seldom cancels classes. Not even a union strike can stop everyday schooling. But yesterday was different. I came in my 7:40am class and found only a third of the class were present until more than half of the period. They're present because either they have their own cars or their parents drove them to school. The student affairs first announced not to note attendance and give quizzes for the day because "it's not the students fault not to be in class." Darn! Now I have to cancel my quiz in History. But it's ok. At least I can still lecture about French Renaissance. ...or so I thought. Around 11am, they cancelled classes because... I dunno! Maybe they want us to watch Polar Express?! Sheeesh! So I went to UP Min to attend my other classes. Omg! I've been waiting for a ride for almost 30 minutes now. I can feel more varicose growing in my calves. Goodness! Where are the PUVs??! Thank God for this one apathetic jeepney driver, I was able to reach Mintal. My class in UP was also affected by the strike. My students in the downtown area were not fortunate enough to ride the jeepney of that apathetic driver and so were absent in class. Around 3pm, UP also declared cancellation of classes. Unfortunately, my last class ended around that time, so that was really a useless announcement for me.

Will the PUV sector get anything from that 1-day strike? With all the hassle they put me through yesterday, I hope they'll get something out of it.

capt. backfire at 8:39 AM

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