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Wednesday, November 17

Quotes and Jokes

During ACARE...

LEX: Bakit parang puro gwapo at maganda ang nandito sa UST?
IEN: Baka tinago lang muna nila ang mga panget.

I told Dean Espina about the abovementioned joke...

DEAN ESPINA: Hahahaha....
Ma'am Chona, the acting dean of UST, enters the room
DEAN ESPINA: Chona! Saan nyo tinatago mga panget nyo dito?
Everyone laughs
MA'AM CHONA: Wala kameng panget dito. Application pa lang, hindi na namen tinatanggap ang mga yan.

Every year, I ask my students in my History class the question, " Why do we need to study the History of Architecture?" And here are some of the interesting answers...

ALEXIS: The past is our only window to the future.

MIGUEL: know how to be as great as the past architects, to know more about their lives. (this answer led to the discussion of the role of UP arki students in the history of arki... and believe me, the discussion wasn't that long. hahaha)

JEVI: appreciate and criticize architecture of a particular civilization. (this answer led to the discussion on why history [in arki] is taught per civilization and not in chronological order of world civilizations)

NEL: know what is still yet to be discovered.

In my theory class, I asked them the question, "What is beautiful? When do you consider something or someone beautiful?" Surprisingly, I got thought-provoking answers from my Ateneo students...

MARK: Something is beautiful when its mere existence amazes me or I, myself, know I can't produce the same. Right now, I don't know how skyscrapers are being built or designed that's why for me it is beautiful. Or Pia Guanio, for example, is beautiful because I can't care for my body or my looks the same way as she can with herself.

EDA: It's funny how my classmates speak of beauty in terms of form and function. They say a building is beautiful because it's comfortable, secure, well-planned... when, in fact, beauty, in itself, is a separate component of architecture, and can be judged separately from form and function.

Haaaay, I just love being a teacher! Everyday, every class, every question asked, everything is a new lesson to be learned!

capt. backfire at 10:10 AM

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