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Monday, November 8


Help! I 'm turning into a book worm!!! leche! It's the Coelho book... I knew it! I just knew it! Now, I find myself visiting NBS almost everyday. I buy 1 book a day. And it's eating my savings big time!!! The only consolation to this addiction is that I get to earn more points with my NBS Laking National card, which by the way was never used for over a year.

Reading was never my hobby. My sister even told me that even if I want to pursue LLB studies and pass all the LAE in the Philippines, I can never survive law school because I don't like reading books. In high school and college, the only books I read were those assigned by teachers and the org's logbook. Hehehe... Basta yung may pictures or illustrations lang... the likes of Little Prince, manga/comics, or children's books lang. Now that I've started teaching, I only read books related to my lessons. Minsan, pahirapan pa! Hehehe I always thought the best stories are those that happen in real life, my life and the lives of people I know. Even magazines and newspapers are boring because television and movies are better representations of life.

But lately, I discovered fiction is not bad after all. I discovered Sun Tzu's Art of War can't have a single comprehensive interpretation on film. I discovered faces and scenes in my head brought by the stories I read is too large a production for Jerry Bruckheimer or even Pixar Animations. I discovered cookbooks are better than cooking shows because no one will tell you how good or bad the recipe taste and that can be such a surprise. It can be a frustration though because sometimes that brilliant idea I thought I had has already been published pala years ago. It's also frustrating to know that I've wasted so many years not reading and therefore I need to catch up with everyone.

I remember a few years back when my 7-year old sister showed me her borrower's card. Half a schoolyear pa lang, she's already in her 3rd card. And by the time she's in grade 6, she already finished reading almost all books in the elementary library and started reading high school books. No wonder she's so smart. If I just knew back then the rewards of reading...

Anyway, I'm off to NBS again. Bye.

capt. backfire at 2:29 PM

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