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Monday, October 25

Skeletons in my Bag

My sister asked me a question yesterday that made me think hard... and I want to post this to ask you the same question.

QUESTION: What's inside your bag [ba]? (bakit di mo yan maibaba sa isang tabi? bakit kailangan kahit saan bitbit mo? may ginto ba dyan?... and her reklamo goes on and on...)

And so I looked inside my bag... ano nga ba'ng nasa loob nito?

1. Cellphone... I never go anywhere without it. So yung excuse kong, " I left my cell at home eh."... that's not true! Hehehe

2. Palmtop. I can't leave home without that either. I'm very forgetful, so I write everything down on my palm the night before. Plus, I keep track of all my expenses, investments, and collectibles through my palm. No palm = Impulsive buying!

3. My green tea perfume... which I heard is also the favorite of KC Concepcion. O di ba, sosyalin!!! Hahaha

4. Baby Bench Jelly Bean Colonia... for a quick dab of frangrance after site visits. It smells really good when mixed with sweat. Hahaha... I know you're thinking "eeeewwww!!!"

5. Mellow Gold [oldie songs] CD... by the way, it's not pirated. No to pirates!!!

6. Steel tape. When my student saw me taking that out of my bag, she remarked, " Architect ka nga talaga ma'am."

7. Keys. House keys, gate keys, bike chain keys, office keys... it's all in there!

8. Tissue. Just in case you know. Hehehe...

9. Diskette. Just in case info can't be burned, beamed, or emailed.

10. and my ever reliable Wallet. It contains calling cards, membership cards, ATM cards, ID cards, my PTR, cedula, unused GC's, and sometimes it also contains money. Hehehe

So if you try to look at it, aside from being my filing cabinet, my bag is also my life. One of my co-teachers asked me before, " Ang laki naman ng bag mo. Hindi ka ba nahihirapan? Can't you bring a smaller bag?" Well, figuratively, I like my bag big. It makes me feel I'm living a big life. Bringing it around with me says I'm proud of it. And keeping it with me always says I truly treasure it.

How about you, what's in your bag?

PS - My bag is like a doctor's bag, can be hand or shoulder carried. It doesn't have pockets outside. It's black. It has silver buckles, zipper and lock. It has leatherette skin and fits in an airport hand-carried items x-ray. Hehehe...

capt. backfire at 10:35 AM

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