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Saturday, October 30

Random Thoughts... (Super Haba, Beware!)

Thank God it's Saturday
It's Saturday!!! Yey!!! Shopping day, lunch-out day, internet-'til-your-eyes-pop-out day, and "Pinoy Pop Superstar" day! Hahaha! Yes, my sisters and I always look forward to watching that tv program. I don't know, but there's just something about star-search shows and Regine Velasquez that make us glued to the boob-tube. Probably because of their consistency in producing real (and reel) stars like Sarah Geronimo and Rachel Anne Go. I also like watching another saturday star-search show -- the MTV Supahstar. Two of my students in ADDU joined the Davao leg of the auditions. And both made it to the top ten of the city leg (but failed on nation-wide screening). Anyway, probably because I have this inner yearning to be a star myself (yeah right!) that I got to be so religious in watching these programs.

So, I just had lunch with Ate Lala at Bigby's at SM. I ordered Mojo Chicken Q and Seafood some-kind-of-a-pasta. Again, I wasn't able to finish the whole serving. We sat across this couple who (I think) are on a date. Oh my goodness, their conversations are soooo cheesy! Hahaha! Call me eavesdropper or whatever, but our table is so close to them that it's impossible not to overhear their mushy talk. The guy is super yabang! And the girl... ah yes, the girl is so pa-tweetums! I was not anything like that with my ex, i swear. Well, after an hour, we left the resto and the couple with their foreplay. Hehehe...

Saturday is also National Bookstore day for me and my sister. We skimmed through the shelves drooling at all the good books we NEED to buy. I bought a Coelho book, Veronika Decides To Die. I also bought Birthday and Christmas cards... gotta send 'em early this year! Last year, I sent those greeting cards late. I think it was already New Year when I got the time (and money) to send them. Nakakahiya.

Mangrove Getaway
I went to Sitio in Lasang District with the mangrove research team last thursday. The place was soooo amazing! But one thing I hate about the whole experience was having to clean the mud off my sneakers after the trip. We had focus group discusssions with the towns' people and came up with a historical profile of the place. May (a person) of PCPD came to observe what we're doing. PCPD is the funding agency of our research. I can say, from the look on her face, she didn't understand a single thing because everyone speaks Bisaya (and she's Tagalog). It was very exhausting, but to be in a waterfront is such a breath-taking experience that I really don't mind coming back to that place. Over the horizon, there's a view of Mt. Apo and another (unknown) mountain and small private islands owned by the Ayala's. Basta! Hayahay gyud! Sir Robby drove us back to downtown. And along the way I realized what christmas gift i should give my boss -- a cell phone headset! He calls and drives at the same time, which really freaked me out. Eh ako pa man din sa passenger side!! Scary!!!

Health (and Beauty) Products
I won't get commissions doing this, but i'll do it anyway. Hehehe. I would like to share some of my favorite health products. I don't want to call it "beauty products" because it doesn't make me any beautiful naman eh. =) Inspired by the "Jimmy 'The Mouth' Garcia" commercial, I bought a Close-Up toothpaste after years and years of using Colgate. See what a commercial can do! Now I have to use my mouth and teeth responsibly! Hahaha... Right now, I'm using Dove Esfoliante as body soap and Lux Super Rich frizzy-free shampoo. Actually, I shouldn't be using that shampoo because I love it when my hair is all frizzied-up [sic]. For hand soap (y'know for washing before and after meals), I use Bath and Body Works Raspberry ek-ek. It was a pasalubong from Tita Grace, a very useful pasalubong at that! My HS bestfriend also gave me this Baylis and Harding Rose Linen Bath Tizzers and Bath Gel, which I don't really use often. Kulang 15 minutes ng paligo for me to use that. Probably the best buy I made when it comes to bath products is the Wild Mint shower gel from M&S. Refreshing as in! If it's too darn hot outside, that's the best product to use. Use it with warm or cold water... sarap! I'm not really used to putting make-up. Lip gloss lang, ayos na. But I do like to dab powder (Skin-So-Soft by Avon) and smooth lotion (Johnson's Milk Lotion) all over my body. By the way, I'm a big fan of Avon products. Anybody who approaches me with an Avon product catalogue will surely walk out with a sale. Hehehe... Leah Salonga made the product seem dependable. Again, the wonders of advertising! For perfume, it's Elizabeth Arden Green Tea for me... bango as in! Anyway, those are just my testimonials for the products I use. I'll probably change some of them in a month or two. But for now, I'm fine using them.

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