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Tuesday, July 27


Friends and Stalkers,

I'll be "un-blogging" for a few weeks. Remember the schedule I posted a few days ago? Yes, it's eating me like hell. I'm reading tons (and I mean tons!) of papers, books, manuals, etc. I've been planning this "secret project" of mine for months now, but I couldn't find the will power to start it. My desk is a mess since the sem started. I have not "refurbish" my fashion stuff -- wardrobe, accessories, haircare, girly things, etc. .It's not because I have no money for shopping, but because I have no time to shop. One of my students even remarked, "Ma'am, wala ka na bang ibang bag?" That question infuriated me, but she's right. Last sem, I remember staying at Marco Polo Hotel for two nights after the Prelim Exam Week just to pamper myself and indulge in my hard-earned money. Now, I can't even get a good night sleep! So I woke up this morning and told myself, "It's time...."

For me to be able to do the things in my "To Do" list, I have to cut down on the time I spend on some insignificant stuff, namely, reality TV shows, blogging and web designing, biking, eating when depressed or harassed, and side tsismis with my co-teachers. That will give me at least 3 more hours a day. I can use that to start my leg-work for my "secret project" or do the overdued shopping. Probably by September, I'll be able to see clear skies, then start blogging again.

Will you miss me? ... I'm sure.

capt. backfire at 10:57 AM

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