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Thursday, July 8

Dying with Regrets

I always thought I'd die soon. Sometime between 25 to 30... a little over two years from now. Not only because I'm physically abusive, but for some unexplainable reason, I find myself always in an emotional juggle.

Alam mo yung feeling na may gusto kang gawin, tapos alam mo na kung kelan mo yun gagawin, tapos nung dumating na yung pagkakataon, nawalan ka ng drive? Eh yung feeling na pinaghahandaan mo nang sobra yung isang bagay as in todo effort ka, tapos nung may chance na makuha mo yung gusto mo, na-realize mo yung past opportunities na pinalipas mo (dahil kaka-effort mo sa isang bagay) yun pala ang gusto mo? Eh yung nag-assume ka lang bigla at one point, tapos sa future nung kinonfront mo na yung past assumption, mali ka pala, tapos mas ok sana kung di ka nagpadalos-dalos? Eh yung "stock market" scenario... yung tipong lahat sa paligid mo, yung pinapanood mo, yung binabasa mo, sinasabi sayo to "live the life!" or "take the risk!" or "carpe diem!", tapos pag nalugi ka naman o nadapa, wala namang nire-recommend na solution o kahit tips man lang para makabangon ka?

Life is fair because it made itself unfair for all of us.

capt. backfire at 12:54 PM

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