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Thursday, March 4

Health Buff (Kuno!)

I recently bought a red mountain bike for health reasons. And I call him "hangin", you know, as in wind. I got that from my answer when my sister asked, "What do you love about riding a bike?"... I said something like, "I love the feeling of wind on my face, sweat on my skin..."

Since I started teaching, gaining weight seems so uncontrolable. I somehow traced it from the following reasons:

- Food here is so cheap. I can actually buy a full meal (rice, meat viand, vegetable viand, fruit juice, and dessert) for only 30 PhP! And who am I not to take advantage of this incredible offer. ;)

- I don't have a social life. If I'm not making quizzes, lessons and academic stuff, I watch TV. If I watch TV, I always munch on something.

- I'm not involved in any sport that will somehow counteract my montrous appetite. I've tried aero before. It didn't work. Aside from it's no fun, I'm surrounded by old, nagmumurang kamatis people. Yes, gurang lang ang nage-aerobics ngayon.

- I'm surrounded by metabolically thin sisters. They eat more food than I do, but they don't get big. I always wonder where they store all those cholesterol and calories.

So there. My solution: Magpapa-hangin muna ako. Hehehe... Malay mo, I might be another success story. ;)

capt. backfire at 11:11 AM

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