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Thursday, March 18

Blog Sentiments

So what is it? Is it my stupid mouth again? It's a blog for Pete's sake! And a group blog at that! So, probably it's the way I wrote it.

I've been a member of arkiboks for a long time now. I never posted anything for months because I know I can be such a [stupid] blabber mouth. Just like back in college with the logbooks. Yes, arkiboks is just a cyber logbook. Then finally I decided to break my silence. I wanted them to know that I still exist. But I should've thought What do they care?!. Kuya Enrics was right, we're not all friends. Pero magkakakilala tayo, pwede ba?! If you know the real me, you would know I write the same way I talk. But I guess nobody really knows me... or they never really tried to.

I got tired of this game long long time ago. If I can't be appreciated, kebs! I'm just sad that this happened. I guess I'll just keep my thoughts to my blog. At least here I won't have to be careful of offending anybody... 'coz it's mine and it's the person's fault that he/she visited this site. hahahaha.... There are no expectations of making this blog world class quality or what not. And I won't have to change the way I write (or even what I want to write about) because some people don't know who I am.

Captain Backfire: Oh, I'm never speaking up again.... starting now.

capt. backfire at 2:47 PM

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