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Monday, March 22

Better Than Friendster

I watched Digital Tour last night at Studio 23. D-tour. by the way, is the coolest tv program dedicated to cyber freaks like me. It is hosted by Iya and Manu (Agot Isidro's hubby) and other guest co-hosts. JC Gonzales used to be part of the show, but I guess they figured out he's better in hosting nature-tripping shows. Though the topics are really hi-tech in nature, they don't use highfalutin words that would alienate people who don't know anything digital. If your a religious viewer [like me], you would notice that every episode, they would explain what an i-Pod is. ;)

Last night, they featured another emerging friendship-promoting site. Everyone's Connected is a friendster-like site, only better! Aside from your usual profile, this site provides testimonials, embarrassing moment stories and guestbook features. Its cool settings and layout allow easy navigation and more picture uploads. I immediately fell in love with the site and invited some of my friends to register. Looks like I'll have a new addiction this summer. Hehehe....

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