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Thursday, February 26

From A Different Point Of View

It feels weird. Two years ago, I was the one being grilled by my professors in college about my thesis... telling us that we were not prepared, the presentation sucked, you lacked info on blah-blah, and whatnot (<--fave expression of Sir Evang). But now, grading and thinking about questions to throw at my thesis students seemed to be a lot more difficult than getting grilled.

In terms of performance, Diliman thesis presentation is way more impressive than in this side of town. Nothing is automatic here. If you want to see something out of the box, you have to tell them. And if they don't meet your standards, all they say is, "Don't compare us with UP. "

And I say, Why not? We're all going to the same direction, aren't we? We all aspire to be architects. Our board exam is not different from yours. We all get clients from the same pool. And my ranting continues...

What I'm trying to say is I now understand why Sir Commandante sounded so kupal back then. Excellence is not relative.

capt. backfire at 11:44 AM

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