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Tuesday, January 27

Going With The Flow

Do I have a choice? My sister always tells me that in everything you do there's always an alternative. 'Reminds me of the movie "Sliding Doors." But hey get a ticket to reality! Sometimes you just know that choosing the "other way out" is not an alternative, at least not for me. Yeah, yeah... this is still about my job, how much it sucks, and why the hell am i still here.

Anyway, since January 1, I noticed my students to have finally loosen up. Smiles are there. Side comments are now bearable. We talk outside the classroom of our lives -- them as students and me as a teacher. I guess I've finally taken in my mom's advice, Be Yourself. But pretending has never been my thing, mind you. I guess I was just not yet a teacher a few months ago.

So if you ask me if I want this to be forever? My answer is still no. But if you ask me now if I enjoy being here, my answer is yes. I guess thinking of the alternative path and regretting what might have been is out of the question. I chose to go back, teach, be with my family, see my students everyday, etc. So for now, this is it...

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