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Friday, November 28

Same Shit Different Day

So, I can now say teaching is not that rewarding. Financially... well, I know that even before I submitted my application letter. But emotionally and physically... draining seems to be an understatement.

I am so disillusioned that Ateneo is such a great school. You see, despite all the theology and religious activities it has in its curriculum, students are such filthy... er, excuse the term... SHIT! Probably it's just in Davao (and Manila and Naga campuses have better breeding environment), but still it speaks for the whole Jesuit system.

So there I was, in front of 37 students in my Mechanical and Electrical class (oh btw, I have 47 students in my History class). I was discussing the different conduits, cables and raceways. I was showing off some examples which my students brought to class (without them knowing what it was they're bringing). Then I was talking with one student and ending my speech with a laugh. And out of nowhere, a girl seated in front of me mocked the way I talked and laughed. Geez, talk about manners, breeding, character, or however you call it. Definitely, that girl didn't have a spec of such thing! That's just one example of my shitty days here in Ateneo as a teacher. And I sense there's more to come. I better brace myself then...

capt. backfire at 11:55 AM

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