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Wednesday, August 6


It really feels great to finally succeed in something after a long slump. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am a registered and licensed architect already. According to my PRC ID, I am the 18,127th architect in the Philippines. Well, I can still remember that my boss' PRC number goes by 2,000's. So that means around 16,000 architects came between us. But who cares about numbers anyway? I have finally fulfilled my parents' condition before I can venture into other fields/ careers. Say, what will I try first? web designing? programming? script writing? or call centering (?... hahaha!)?

Anyway, believe me when I say my hands are full with career shifting plans. I'm not really in dire need of environment change, it's just that I want to experience something new. Since graduation, I've known nothing but breathing architecture. It sometimes suffocates me to death. But as my mom always says, " if you don't, why took that course in the fisrt place?" Now, imagine her saying that in her usual I-told-you-so tone. Geeezzz! Earmuffs please... At least now that I'm done with the one thing that she bugs me about, I can go on with MY life.

With this new taste of freedom, I plan to change interests too. I will retire my old bball sport in exchange for tennis. Jomig always tells me it's a better form of excercise than aerobics, which mind you, never really did anything to my body! I will call Ranky tomorrow, probably sign up for membership in our subdivision's tennis association. I also want to get involve in church... not that I have decided to become a saint now, but it really feels good to hold on to Someone (not to mention being able to blame Him in the process... hehehe).

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.... a sigh of relief, a sigh of freedom, a sigh of promise that I will never let anyone bring me down this time. I'm a Leo remember? :)

capt. backfire at 7:59 PM

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