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The name is Elaine or Ien or Pssst or Hoy ...or whatever suits you

...from the city of Davao

...26 with fine lines and wrinkles already

...short-haired, two-eyed na! (thanks to constact lenses), right-handed, flat-footed

...wants to be a Buddhist and a United Nations interpreter someday

...confused about life in general

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Friday, June 27


... automatic, weird, uncompromising acts/desires.

1. stepping on manholes and dried "crispy" leaves.
2. eating the "pwet" part of the chicken.
3. covering the ATM monitor while withdrawing money (don't you just hate people who spy on how much money you got in the bank?)
4. adding 2 packets (not 1, not 3, but 2) of sugar to my Mcdo (not Starbucks, not Seatlle's Best, but Mcdo) coffee.
5. seating at the window side of the bus, FX, airplane or car (that's why I love riding the jeepney... lahat window!)
6. wearing something blue everyday (blue watch, blue socks, blue contacts, blue panty...joke!)
7. crushing "ipis" to death, and I won't stop slapping it until I see that gooey thing coming out of its body.
8. reading the horoscope section of the daily before anything else (Manila Bulletin has the most accurate predictions)
9. checking where the fire exit is upon entering a building or room.
10. falling for guys with clean toe and finger nails, left-handed, skinhead.

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